On days like this

On days like this I’d rather be outdoors, soaking up the sun and generally feeling better about most things in life. Instead, I’m sat at the desk, finishing a PhD for which I have minimal motivation and only a modicum of devotion. Add to this a dash of feeling physically rotten and we have ourselves a recipe for frustration. As you will have gathered I don’t rest easily on the decisions I’ve made. Therefore turning down a time on the bike in order to recuperate, though the logical decision, leaves me mulling over the what-ifs. One day I will learn. Until then I will sit wondering about the time I could have had in the sun.

3 thoughts on “On days like this

  1. I’ve made some crappy decisions in my time, Rob, and many times have wished that I could be somewhere other than I have been. But then, thinking about it, all of those crappy decisions were the best decisions I could have made at the time with the circumstances and evidence that I had to hand at the time. I may not have made the same decisions with hindsight (it is, after all, a wonderful thing!), but I cannot judge the decisions I made in the past on the person I am today. I’m sure that in the past you will have made the best decisions you could at the time, and you should try not to judge yourself using the standards and experience you have today. Easy to say, I know, but do try to remember that and try not to beat yourself up for being a different person today from the one you were in the past. Doesn’t make being stuck inside on a rare sunny day any easier though – I am stuck at home with the girls, and lovely though that is, I wish I was out on my bike!
    Take care, mate, and keep smiling – it makes folk wonder what you’ve been up to!

    • As luck would have it, it started raining just after lunch. I was vindicated! And I’m struggling with a tickly/chesty cough (proving how even my ailments hedge their bets too) so Objective Rob knows he was right!

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