Paul: Leave it up to Arsenal to score one goal when they need two.
Steve: You want them to score the second goal before they score the first?

Fever Pitch (1997)

When I watch sports margins take on different persepctives dependant on which side of the fence I am sat.

Yes, I am that sports fan who is never comfortable. Ever. I’m like a yo-yo, up and down off the seat until the final whistle, the last ball or the finish line has been crossed. ┬áMrsAB finds it unbearable and amusing in equal measure. I’m never happy until the fat lady sings.

Put it this way, if my team are leading, no matter how commanding the lead, the opposition can come back and take the lead themselves. However, if the opposition are leading, no matter how narrowly, my team will never make it back in. I blame the years of supporting Wales in rugby and Stoke in football and the heartache this has brought.

So imagine watching a Tour de France where a British rider is within 5 stages of a historic win with a 2 minute margin over his nearest rival. Anybody else and it would be a dead cert. But not for me. I’ll take pragmatism over panache until I know the result is certain. Never before have I watch a Tour de France with so much vested emotional interest and by the second rest day I feel almost as exhausted as the riders. You can see why I might be worried.


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