Progress Report

I won’t ramble for long today, there’s other things to focus on at the moment. However I am indebted to each of you who, in whatever small way, provided feedback and support after I posed those dilemmas and questions. Each has been intuitive, interesting and informative and given me plenty to think about as well as providing a much needed boost. To those who have gone a step further in offering solace, a coffee and even beer I am extremely grateful and do not be surprised when (not if) I take up that offer.

So just to keep you all up to date, in those last two weeks I’ve taken one foot off the gas and put one eye on the future.  Having said I was feeling like Fernando Torres in lacking goals, I have not only discovered what my options are with the help of a life coach but exceeded the misfiring Chelsea striker in securing two goals of my own. I’d say that was enough progress to end the week happy (the voice on my shoulder disagrees but I’m drowning him out with some music).  More thoughts to follow as and when I get my head around them again.


One thought on “Progress Report

  1. Hey Rob – good to hear of forward motion. I have just started reading ‘The Chimp Paradox’ by Dr Steve Peters of Team GB fame – i came across him when reading Sir Chris Hoys book – and it is helping me get acquainted with my inner chimp! I usually steer clear of ‘self help’ books, but this is suiting me down to the ground – maybe the cycling link has helped 😉 It may not be for you, but just thought i would bring it too your attention, if you have not already seen it.

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