Detach from futility

After posting Wednesday’s piece I watched Yes Minister and was struck by the following dialogue between the Minister and his Personal Private Secretary:

Minster: “What’s it all for Bernard? What are we all doing? What does it all mean?”

Bernard: “I didn’t read theology minister.”

Minister: “The waste of it all. Take that EEC reception last night. Humphrey introduced me to an official who spends his entire time paying a lot of farmers to produce surplus food and then he introduced me to another official who pays others to destroy all the surpluses. Then they pay thousands of bureaucrats to push masses of paper round to make it all work. Doesn’t the futility of it all depress you?”

Bernard: “Not really. I’m a civil servant.”

So, if all seems futile maybe a detachment from the futility is what is called for.  Just a thought.


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