Finding an alternative

One trend which is seemingly in the ascendency at the moment is criticism of the status quo without suggesting an alternative.  There may be good grounds for the criticism but without a suggestion of what to put in its place, the status quo is all we have. From the global economy to what we do with our lives on a day to day basis, this is a very real issue and one where alternatives don’t come easy.  It is therefore a refreshing change to see someone affected by the problems of how things stand put forward an alternative. The injustice of the UCI’s rankings and World Tour points systems has been noted here before particularly the lack of recognition given to the sacrifice made by domestiques for their team leaders and the detrimental effect this has on for the sustainability of their careers. For one of those domestiques, Geoffroy Lequatre, to take the bull by the horns and offer a constructive suggestion for change should be applauded.  Speaking out is difficult, proposing change is hard, doing so in the face of a dominant and unrelenting system might seem futile and takes guts.  One step at a time but at least there is an alternative to work on.



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