Turn off, tune out and give up

Every once in a while I need the time and space to recharge. The world gets too much. And I don’t just mean the big things like riots and economics, its the small things in life like what I’m having for tea or how to occupy myself for the next hour. I used to feel alone and peculiar in feeling this way, some sort of failure for an inability to make decisions.  I’m slowly learning that this is just my body’s way of saying that it needs a rest.  Just as colds and swollen glands are the physical signs of stress and tiredness, this is the mental equivalent. Don’t fight it, feel it. Or something along those lines.  So whilst I could have soldiered on at 100% I’m giving myself some space to regroup my senses.  Therefore the lack of blog posts is nothing personal, I’ve not given up just having a little break. There is some interesting bike and brain related content that I have planned and can promise you in a few weeks. So in the best words of London Underground, Mind the Gap and I’ll be back soon. In the meantime, why not take a break yourself, you know you’re worth it.

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