Cake and Eat It?

Richard Williams is not my favourite sports journalist so it perhaps not that much of a surprise that this morning’s Guardian report on the Tour de France got my back up.  His reporting on the 2007 and 2008 Tours was almost vendetta like in its tone. We all know the sport has its problems but Williams’ approach was to kick the battered and bleeding body to see if the life could be finally sucked from it. It was almost as if he didn’t want to be there (his usual assignments are Formula 1 and football!).  Imagine then reading today’s article that attacked this year’s race for a lack of interest amongst the front runners. Are we watching the same race Richard or are you merely interested in the headlines?  Admittedly the front runners have yet to play serious hands and I have thought that it is far from a classic in that respect. Yet there has been enough action to make it ever changing and interesting to watch.  After all, the Tour is many races within one, this is its beauty.  However, this is just part of the issue here. Williams’ feels that the panache of previous editions is missing. But weren’t these editions in your view drug fuelled? If, as we all hope, this year’s edition has fewer if not no doped riders at its helm then is this a case of wanting your cake and eating it?  Whilst there is a place for critical and investigative journalism, as has been highlighted elsewhere there is a responsibility to do this within sensible parameters. Bring back William Fotheringham.


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