Cocky or confident?

Yes my friends, that time of the year is almost upon us – its Tour Time and I have the added joy of trying to find some coverage whilst I am in Norway during the second week.  And whist browsing the latest news on I came across this interview with Mark Cavendish. Like marmite, some love him, others hate him and for the latter group it is often his perceived cockiness that grates the most. But look at it the other way, he’s focussed, determined and committed and this is what it takes. His cockiness is a self confidence vital in doing his job. And unlike other supposed sports stars, Cav’s “arrogance” is often short-lived and there are many people who will vouch for his kindness, his friendliness and, dare I say it, shyness.  This is a nice video which gets to a few of these qualities.

(If the vidoe above fails to work, view the video at the original site:

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