Hello Peter, Hello Paul. Saints and sinners, welcome all.

I’ve noticed in the last few weeks that the hits to the blog have risen markedly. Maybe it’s because of the cycling related content and the recommendations passed on by some very nice people on Twitter. Maybe you found me because of the other blog content. Maybe you found me by accident.  However and whenever you discovered my little part of cyber space, hello and welcome. One thing I’ve found is that this blog has been therapeutic for me. But the strange bit is, I could be writing this stuff into thin air.  Whilst the statistics show otherwise and the feedback shows I have at least a few real readers and followers, everybody else is just a statistic.  I’m sure I’m not alone amongst bloggers in thinking this way.  So this short piece is by way of asking you to come along and say hello back.  It would be nice to hear from you and if you want to tell me what makes the blog a good read for you all the better.  Till then, thanks and I hope you keep reading. Oh, and tell your friends if you think it is that good.


3 thoughts on “Hello Peter, Hello Paul. Saints and sinners, welcome all.

  1. Hello Rob! As I’m sure you know, I’m a regular reader – I’m just not much of a one for commenting on blogs…

    Rest assured, you’re not whispering into the void, there are people paying attention!

  2. Love this blog – written from the heart & with passion for the sport warts and all

    Definitely not into the void, mon pote 😉

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