The appliance of science

Following last week’s posts on the UCI suspicion list leak and their reaction to it, I was interested to read the following piece by Ross Tucker on his blog The Science of Sport.  Obviously the leak by L’Equipe has created a lot of reaction and debate to the extent that at least one rider’s agent is threatening to sue the UCI for defamation over the matter.  Therefore a piece which tries to separate out the leak (as an act of organisational incompetence) from the subject (the development of a tool in the pursuit of dopers) by illuminating the science of the biological passport is both helpful to the uninitiated (as I alluded to last week) and a necessary brake on the runaway train of claim and counter claim.  After reading this I better understand the use and limitations of the biological passport as part of a wider amroury available to the powers that be. However, as both Ross and @Festinagirl have highlighted, the application of this science when left in the hands of dysfunctional organisations is open to abuse and manipulation.  So whilst I am slightly more convinced about the methods the methodology and application need much better explanation and transparency.

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