Paul Robinson & Depression

You read that correctly and I admit I never thought that I would find myself putting those words together.  But following on from my blog post yesterday I received many tweets, all supportive and some from others saying how they had been there too. Whilst it is easy to think you are alone, as one correspondent said to me “[I] Often wonder how close any of us are to suffering”. Its a strange world when you stop and think about it. But one of the responses that struck me the most came from BookishBrunnette who tweeted the following link to a piece she wrote on her blog.  The reference to Paul Robinson comes from that and whilst I might use cycling metaphors and analogies, BB’s cultural reference points help make some very good points about depression, stress and anxiety and about living and dealing with their effects.  I’d urge you all to go and have a read.

Bookish Brunette howls at the moon

Stress and depression are horrible things. They can sneak up on you out of nowhere or gradually grind you down day by day. Either way, they end up causing you to curl up in a ball sobbing and wanting a hole to open in the ground and swallow you up. My earliest memory of depression came from an episode of ‘Neighb … Read More


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