The Problem of Media in Professional Cycling (via The Elements of Guile)

Below is a post that I came across via Twitter. It will be of interest to those readers who follow me for the cycling, it will probably appeal to the conspiracy theorists and is, by extension of the themes, a metaphor of wider society…probably. Equally it links to my previous post Silly Games and is another look at how cycling is/has/could be losing its heart. Enjoy and feel free to comment back.

“It’s not the media that dope (the riders),” Hein Verbruggen told journalist Stephen Farrand last month. “But it’s the media that make the perception, they determine what the perception is.” Verbruggen’s brazen willingness to criticize the messenger rather than the governing bodies, national federations and riders themselves could easily be dismissed as another volley in professional cycling’s continuing refusal to admit the depth of its drug pro … Read More

via The Elements of Guile


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