DIY = Die

I hate DIY. I thought I liked it. I thought it was what you were supposed to do.  So I find myself with the task of painting the study, aka the new home of AbandonedBicycle Photography, on a beautiful spring day and lacking any motivation to lift paint pad to paint tray, let transferring it on to any other surface. So far I have emptied the study, shuffling a collection of books, CDs, furniture and general clutter and detritus. I am now sat with a Monmouth coffee typing this is a bid to feel occupied and constructive but always knowing that upstairs lies a room which is in chaos and requires my attention.  Of course I want the room to be decluttered and freshened so it can become a productive but relaxing place to work. Yet the fact that the ceiling was replastered in October gives you a clue that I am not very proactive with DIY.  And why do it yourself when there is someone out there more skilled and more patient in doing these tasks. Unfortunately money is the answer and whilst MrsAB and I will leave it to the professionals for some things, painting always gets the homegrown approach.  Blame my upbringing!  So with a bit more time killed I suppose its back to that task in hand.

Wait a minute, is that some more washing that needs sorting….(yes folks, it is that bad!)

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