Top Gear? Broken clutch more like.

Jeremy Clarkson has come in for some stick in the last few weeks. I single out Clarkson because so far his accompanying stooges haven’t sunk quite as low as the leather-jacket-and-denim one in singling out cyclists for target under what I’m sure he is dreaming up as “drive-to-kill”. After the three idiots made a lame attack on Mexico, this week it was Clarkson’s turn to single out cyclists as fair game for motorists to knock off and thus maim or kill for the simple fact that we “don’t pay road tax”. Most of you who read this blog will be cyclists in some shape or form and therefore I’m probably preaching to the converted. I, like many others in the cycling blog and twitter community fired off my own complaint to the BBC. But mine wasn’t a patch on Londonneur’s for hitting the right tone and including all the necessary facts which illustrate Clarkson’s ignorance on this matter. For me this I object to his outburst not because he said it, but rather where and to whom he said it.  I’d like to think he has more sense than to do something as rash and malicious. I am more concerned about the type of person who watches Top Gear, their worship of these bullies and their lack of self-control when “told” to do something by them. It is a shame that the BBC feels so weak that it requires this output to justify a role in society when the schedules could be strengthened by its loss. Until that time we can only hope that more intelligent viewers start to turn off the motor eugenicists in favour of something more entertaining.


4 thoughts on “Top Gear? Broken clutch more like.

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