The weather outside is frightful?

Yes, everyone is going on about the snow but am I the only person who likes it? Maybe this is the kid in me but I love it when it snows and I have a slight sinking feeling when it starts to melt.  For all those who think the economy is losing money because of it all I can say is “Get a Life” – what isn’t done today will be done tomorrow, or maybe the following week. So kids have missed a bit more time on the exam conveyor belt but I bet they’ve learnt a lot more from the fun they’ve had outside.  And you can’t get to work? Great. Isn’t this the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to be with your kids/to be a big kid? I remember when we had a period of snow every winter and we lived with it. I actually was disappointed at the can do mentality of our headmaster who never closed the school whilst the other local comps did.  To me this episode (on top of last year’s protestations) just goes to show how our priorities in life have become so maladjusted. Last night I went to see the Scottish Folk band Lau and their singer, Kris Drever, highlighted this quite well: whilst we’ve become a secular state, we’ve given this thing called the market a life of its own and seem to worship unquestionably at its feet. Now isn’t that strange (or is it the lapsed catholic in me?)?!  By all means make sure that any vulnerable relatives, friends and neighbours are ok (surely that is just part of being caring) but if they are, just get on and enjoy, it won’t be here forever!

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