The value of our dreams

A friend of mine posted a very interesting blog piece on Sunday about day dreams. It got me thinking.  According to Jenny’s psychologist friend day dreams are made up of random thoughts whereas our decision making, the example she uses is what we want for our tea, is a more systematic process.  I’m not sure I necessarily agree.  I’m sure I am not alone in indulging in, somewhat too regular, bouts of day dreaming.  There are many times when I should be concentrating on a particular task and yet my mind wanders off to what are for me more interesting and entertaining thoughts.  In coping with my recent health problems I first addressed this as work avoidance. I then questioned whether it was me being merely lazy (though having consulted that great radio psychiatrist Dr Fraiser Craine whilst tackling the ironing mountain this morning I know leanr that this is fear!).  The response to all of these seemed to be to buck up my ideas, focus, concetrate and get on with it – whatever “it” might me.

But Jenny’s post got me thinking.  What if, instead of day dreams being a mere random thought they are infact much more systematic than we might think.  Are my daydreams the means of telling me to that I engaged in the wrong task and that I would be better off and more productive in switch to my alternative.  If this is the case, and I’m starting to believe it might be, rather than scolding daydreamers for being unrealistic the power to greater happiness and dare I say it a better society might lie in nurturing those dreams into reality.  Like so much in life I am learning to realise the value of the small things.  Jenny has sparked the idea that the value of dreams should not be overlooked and underestimated.


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