Coming, ready or not

Days to the 2010 Tour Ride: 1

I think that says it all.  Hopefully I’ll update from the start line tomorrow but who knows.  I’m full of nervous energy right now and just want to get it started.  Roof rack fitted, bike ready and kit almost in the bag.  Only thing left to do is carbo-load tonight.  My dad once told me of the time he went to see the acclaimed – and some might say flawed – Himalayan climber Don Whillans.  At the talk someone asked him when he began training for an expedition up a particular Nepalese peak.  His answer: “When I leave the last pub in Katmandu.”  I mention this as a) I will not be spending tonight loading with those types of carbs and b) because tomorrow’s route goes very close to Rock Hall, Whillans tiny climbing hut at the base of the Roaches.  It makes you think though.

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