Come in Number 22….

Days to the Tour Ride 2010: 2

So this morning (or should I say yesterday if only the postman had bothered to let me know the package was with my neighbour) my Tour Ride number and timing chip arrived.  As you can see below, I am number 0022.

Did I really sign up that long ago?

So my dear readers, you have been with me almost ever step of the way now from sign up to the event itself.  Make a mental note of that number.  What was it again?……. That’s right, 0022.  And what are you going to be doing this Sunday? Did you say you’d be heading out into the wilds of the Staffordshire Moorlands to cheer me on one of the many tortuous and unforgiving climbs?  That’s very kind of you.  Oh, but you want to know where those climbs are? Funny you should mention that as I have a map of the route right here for you – the hills are those little spiky symbols, but I can’t see any pubs:

Joking aside, it’s quite a strange feeling to be this close to the ride.  My nerves have gone now the logistics of the number are out of the way I’ve got a strange feeling of calm descending over me. And again I must thank all of my very kind and generous sponsors – my VIP start is down to the fact that I was one of the first 80 people to raise over £500.  Without you it wouldn’t have happened.  You’ve given me the boost (and the early start) I need! And so this afternoon I cleaned the bike in readiness and now the steed is looking pretty good.  So if you are out on the route on Sunday remember number 0022 and here is what you should be looking out for:

Is that Olympic Champion Samuel "Sammy" Sanchez?

Looking and feeling good – for once.  Long may it continue.

And so today I’m going to leave you with some preparation tips from David Schneider, oh and some bloke from a professional cycling team who’s recently been on the telly too.  I could have put Kristian House’s official tips but they aren’t as fun.


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