It only happens when it rains

Days to the Tour Ride 2010: 3

I’m starting to think its something personal.  For the past few weeks, every time I’ve mounted my steed the heavens have opened.  Not just this but the clearer, milk-like sun filled skies have been toying with me, tantalising close whilst I am being soaked.  It’s not just on the bike, it also seems a perfectly acceptable metaphor for one other aspect of my life where I feel like the umbrella that I’m protected by is actually deluging rain whilst its sunny all around me.  Some would call it character building.  I’d say it has become more than a mild annoyance and reached the stage of moderate irritation. Call me paranoid but I’m now sat at the desk with cloudy yet bright skies outside dancing around taunting me.

At least I can’t be called a whimp, a poser or a fair weather cyclist.  This morning I had my last spin before the big event – in the rain! I’m as prepared as I’ll ever be.  Sunday will be a challenge but I will be its equal and as long as I finish before sunset it will be a success.  Some last-minute fine tuning to the bike and I am sorted.  I’m now in a very strange limbo.


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