I want to ride my bicycle

And I want to ride it where I like!

Day to go to the Tour Ride 2010: 5

As I gaze out of the office window, distracted as usual, the sun is shining, the grass is green and the leaves on the tress are just on the turn.  It’s on days like these that I would much rather be outdoors and what better day for a bike ride.  After all the rain enduring rides I have had recently it seems a real shame to be stuck behind glass and not making the most of what might be the last vestiges of summer.  And so today’s challenge is to hold that though and remember it the next time I find it hard to get out there. I suspect this may be the case on Sunday.

As the big day approaches I can feel the stress levels rising.  This is not connected so much tot he distance to ride but rather the logistics around the day.  Mrs AB and I are already staying in Stafford the night before at my folks in order to be that bit nearer the start and we are picking up my brother Mr Leadout on Sunday morning now that the car has a newly purchased and soon to be installed roof rack. But I haven’t a clue how far it is from the official car park tot he start or whether Mrs AB can drop us both off nearer and then find somewhere to put the car.  I am torn between wanting support and putting Mrs AB through a day of sitting in the car, bored to tears – I honestly have few ideas about what there is to do on the route other than ride.  Its these small logistics that take over me and I feel that binary approach of  pass-fail, all-nothing, black-white start to drive my thoughts.  It isn’t good but I’m finding it hard to remember how to challenge it.  As I’ve said before, planning isn’t really my forte until I’m hard pressed to do it.

Having said that, I’m sure we’ll get there.  Starting with the need to sit down and map out the route.  Watch this space.

Now I suppose I’d better get on with some work.

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