Half Century

This might sound like a cricketing analogy and unashamedly it is.  Yesterday’s ride was a further mark in progress and milestone crossed in reaching the 50 mile mark.  It was a “bat raising” moment and I do have to confess to taking my hands off the bars in some form of personal celebration.  The pure cyclists amongst you may think this is too little too late. For me it is a marker that I can make it around the 100 miles in 2 weeks time. And passing Hugh Porter on the outskirts of Brewood and leaving him for dead on the climb to Chillington was somewhat pleasing.

What still concerns me is the hills.  Again these are both metaphoric and real: the shark’s teeth of what Procycling Magazine calls the Queen’s Stage of this year’s Tour of Britain are my immediate concern for the next 2 weeks as I’ve never been a climber despite my long legs; the hills of life are just an ongoing concern for which there seems to be no end – the good days a bit like a transition stage in the Tour de France is for the like of Mark Cavendish, a silver lining before more clouds.  Still, I’m determined to get over both however much it hurts at times.  At least the real hills have some physical end and a practical way of getting over them, even if this involves dismounting and walking.

And so to the weekend. Today I’m seeing a very good friend of mine from my days in South Wales and I feel like a long coffee/lunch date before some nice home cooked food tonight. And then Sunday and Monday see two days following the Tour of Britain with the camera – pictures to follow on my Flickr pages in due course. The rendezvous with the race on Sunday will also allow me to reacquaint myself with the hills of North Staffordshire and the peril which awaits me!  At least I now have £600 in sponsorship to keep me going.

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