Money – its a gas?

A now for the something completely different .  Well, not quite but I wanted to pass on my heart-felt thanks to the many of you who have sponsored and supported me this far.  The totaliser has soared through the £500 mark and I am genuinely taken aback by the generosity of family and friends who have made contributions to this very worthy cause.  I don’t want to sound over flippant but having that level of sponsorship is fuelling me on for the next 3 and a bit weeks.  It will certainly give me the boost I will undoubtedly need on the climb of Gun Hill – no mater what Kristian House says (see video below) the rest is unlikely to be coffee and cake however optimistic I’m feeling.

So for those who want a little insight into what I am doing and why they have sponsored me here are 2 videos to view at your leisure.  The first is Rapha Condor Sharp rider and ex-British Champion Kristian House checking out last year’s route in a great little video produced by a couple of people I know:

The last one is Gun Hill – I will not be going this fast!:

But please note the applause in that last video.  If any of you want to come out and cheer me on the day all hands would be appreciated on Gun Hill, which can be found here:

Until then its on with the miles.  The bike is fixed and I have new energy gels to try which, I am told by my friendly local bike shop, don’t taste horrible.  We’ll see.

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