Only 51 miles from bingo

The training miles are gradually nudging up. They are not increasing at the pace that the training “plan” would have me do, nor at the frequency of riding, nor with the determination that some of my more professional followers would prefer me to do.  But 48.8 miles on Saturday morning was a certain mark of success. And given that it was a lumpy 48.8 miles with somewhat of a headwind and the after effects of some rather delightful Baklava the night before. It took my legs a good 10 miles to get going so that was Bridgnorth before I felt vaguely human. Dodge the shoppers on the streets and out towards Ironbridge. Banana consumed, thinking of my early cycling following days and a bunch of fresh-faced pros extolling the slow sugar release of the yellow fruit riding up a pretty similar hill, onwards and descending from Brosely to the new iron bridge before a ride along he Severn to the bottom of the Sutton Maddock.  For years this was my bete noir but in the last month I have conquered it not once but twice. This all bodes well.  From here its a straightforward roll to Shifnal to pick up the back roads to Albrighton, passing the futuristic shell of the Cold War Museum at Cosford on the way. And then on to Codsall.  Starting to ache now and realising I’m a little light on the mileage I opt for an extra loop to come back into Codsall and a head wind. In the middle of August. These forecasters are a joke. From here it is an easy ride back home with the exception of the climb out of Lower Penn.  But on Saturday that too seemed to be easier.  And so to home. Jump in the shower, double espresso and lunch and the recovery has already taken hold.

Now what I did after this won’t be recorded in this blog but needless to say it didn’t really help towards the training.  However, if I can get out twice this week, with a long ride at the weekend I think I can feel safer in the ability to get around the Tour Ride.  And with over £500 of sponsorship either given or pledged I have a real incentive to do it.

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