I can’t stand the rain on my window

But when it comes to riding the bike I have to say I actually do like it.  So it is with predictable certainty that the weather forecasters were yet again wrong.  I’m not sure where the “south” currently extends to but it seems to have encompassed the Black Country and South Staffordshire for the past week – not something that I find any comfort in whatsoever.  But I digress.  With the support (or should I say coercion) of Mrs AB I’ve been out for a shortish afternoon ride in the rain.  No longer can I be called a fair weather cyclist.  No, I actually quite like riding in the rain once I’ve got over that bit of getting myself out of the door and putting bum to saddle.  Its nothing new, when I used to run, I preferred Peter Kay’s fine rain. Somehow then I ran better.  And its pretty much the same on the bike.  The only snag is that my survival isn’t solely based on pushing on but also the ability of other road users to help me out by acknowledging my presence and behaving accordingly.  Today was not a good ride for that. So yesterday’s maybe is a have done of which I’m quite chuffed.  I’m sat here with a nice hot cuppa and have recovered quite quickly.  Next step is a long ride this weekend to get those base miles up before the big one in just over 4 weeks.  I’ll keep you posted.

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