Maybe tomorrow

Didn’t the Littlest Hobo always say that tomorrow he’d settle down? Well for me, maybe tomorrow I’ll get out on the bike.  This just won’t do – and its not the British summer that is to blame (though the doomsayers seem to have forgotten the scorching June and Sweltering July we’ve just had!).  No, my particular vice this week is the decorating.  Why o ‘why do Mrs AB and I continue with the pretence that we enjoy the decorating. Okay, so Mrs AB does like doing this stuff but I certainly don’t. But, with the rain seemingly persisting in hanging around the Wolverhampton area contrary to the predictions of the UKs finest meteorologists (a profession soon to be twinned with Psychics and Tarot Readers) its not actually been a bad way of keeping me busy.  Tomorrow offers better so its hopefully off for a couple of hours to stretch the legs.  The big ride is fast approaching and I am now worried about the lack of long distance training.

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