What Sundays were designed for

This is how Sunday’s were designed to be, I’m pretty sure of that. Despite the Catholic education, I’m pretty sure that any overseerer in the sky thought that Sunday was meant for a good ride in the English countryside.  And so with enthusiasm gathered from depths I didn’t know existed I’d had breakfast and first espresso of the day by 8.30 and was in the car by 9 headed south.  My destination was Evesham and a rendezvous with one of my virtual cycling buddies, Nic.  Nic is a friend of Mrs ABs who responded to one of my early blogs suggesting we give each other some mutual support.  I think it’s fair to say that we have both suffered inertia in varying forms and so far Facebook and email encouragement together with an eye on each other’s Runkeeper log has been great in keeping this going.  Today was time to meet up and hit those roads together.

Evesham seemed like a mutually convenient meeting point being about equidistant time wise from our respective homes and I was quietly impressed with it on a sleepy August Sunday – I can’t say I can say the same later in the day but I suppose every town suffers these days! Parking up on the Meadows just kept the dreamy Sunday image going and it wasn’t long before Nic turned up.  We had a 35 mile circuit planned around the Cotswolds.  What we hadn’t factored was a) parking charges on a Sunday (almost financially embarrassed at the start after false information from the local authority website) b) hills of which there are legion and c) the human sub-species Homo Moterus Inpatientus.  Still, we managed to find some quiet rolling roads and enjoyed the amble, complete with an obligatory coffee stop (espressos 2 and 3 in dual formation) at a nice little and surprisingly quiet coffee shop in Chipping Campden (although I was asked if I wanted a small or large double espresso!).  The only sting was the climb out of CC which seemed to go on and get steeper – one of us definitely didn’t have their climbing legs on but I won’t say who.

So all in all today’s been good and I’m not complaining.  I’m sat here with a post-ride pint and about to collapse on the sofa. Job done.

(Thanks to my virtual buddy and another challenge added to the calendar.)

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