Whimping Out

Today was meant to be the start of a new regime.  Had I considered the history of regime change and taken heed I would have tried to adopt a much better strategy.  Needless to say day one has not been particularly successful. The plan was to have my long ride of the week, possibly with a pit-stop at a caffeine emporium before getting home tired but contented with continued progress.  Waking up at 5am with what seemed to be a hybrid of migraine and pressure headache, rummaging around in the bathroom cabinet in the dark for any form of painkiller and not really having the deep sleep I wanted from that point on did not bode well. Finally rising and realising the dull skies were actually full of “that fine rain that soaks you through” put the nail in that particular coffin!  So here I am, sat at the computer contemplating a day I hadn’t planned.  I wonder if George Bush ever felt like this?

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