Cruise control….almost.

So time for some upbeat reportage.  Last night I was flying.  Despite a pathetically long commute home by public transport (see my twitter feed for more) I managed to get in a decent ride.  Invigorating doesn’t really describe it.  After the malaise of the last few weeks I feel like I’ve actually now got the benefit.  Maybe the rest I took was part of it, who knows.  What I do know is that the miles were clicking by in the evening sun of South Staffordshire.  It really was a glorious late summer evening which did wonders for the premature onset of SADS which seems to have bitten this year.  And what’s more, the hills didn’t even feel like they were there.  In the last few weeks I have discovered how to spin a lower gear.  Its something that was suggested to me years ago nut which I never seemed to master.  Now, however, it seems to come naturally, the product of sitting back and taking it steady rather than fast.  What results is a pleasurable ride yet also a quicker time.  Last night I completed the 18.8 miles in 1h 6m.  Not bad – actually, a positive worth shouting about.  Now to start valuing this achievement myself (though feel free to help pat me on the back).

In other developments I’m well past my initial and now seemingly pathetic sponsorship target.  I’m currently on course for the special water bottle as a bonus – I can’t wait! So to all who have sponsored me and supported me so far a huge thank you, it’s paying off.  I’ll keep you posted but for those who would still ike to sponsor me for a very good cause just click on this link: – and if you do, thank you in advance.


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