Chaingate II

You can’t slow down, unless you are forced to that is.  And that’s what I didn’t mention yesterday.  Everyone knows about “chaingate” by now.  If you don’t here is a clip of what happened:

Well, that wasn’t anything like mine.  This is much more like it:

Okay, so my situation differed slightly from David Millar’s: I was at the start rather than the end of the ride and I didn’t “biff” my bike over any barriers.  Let’s focus on the positives of this: I didn’t lose my rag and certainly didn’t put an end to my costly steed but then everything is relative.  I’m now a tad lighter in the pocket as a result of the new chain but the bike is humming rather than clattering as I ride along.  And it made me slow down.  The recovery ride was taken on my town bike to get to the local bike shop.  Judging by today’s ride it seems to have worked (more of which later).

And now back to a certain bike race from France – a training session by another name!

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