A Millar’s Tale

This morning I was catching up on various blogs on the way into work and I came across David Millar’s Tour blog from the Garmin-Transitions website.  David is one of those characters who divides cycling fans: a self-confessed doper who got caught but has owned up, done his time and is now back and a vehement supporter of clean cycling.  I know I find myself wondering how I can despise Alexandre Vinokourov yet admire David Millar.  But for me the entry I read this morning sums it up.  It highlights the sheer suffering that is involved in the Tour and the realisation that our heroes are human (as also demonstrated by Cadel Evans futile fight to save his yellow jersey).  Millar’s entry resonates with me, as I’m sure it will every other cyclist, and makes me feel my efforts might be worth it too.

Read it and enjoy: http://www.slipstreamsports.com/2010/07/13/the-millar-diaries-alone-and-hanging-on-for-dear-life


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