Role models

I want to introduce you all to Dan.  I first met Dan in April at the East Midlands CiCle Classic, a the UKs only one-day UCI registered race and in some ways akin to Paris-Roubaix and the “Hell of the North”.  On that day, Dan was with his colleagues from Supporter to Reporter (S2R) to cover the race (which can be seen here).  Now Dan isn’t a professional journalist. No, he’s 16, about to do his O-levels and is focussed now on doing (in his own words) “proper A-levels”.  On on that day in April Dan’s maturity and enthusiasm was intoxicating.  Never let it be said the youth of today are lay abouts intent on causing trouble (an oxymoron if ever there was one!).  Dan tweeted me early today with the link to his blog, and low an behold it seems we all suffer from that old problem of inertia.  Well for Dan I promised to link to his blog so here it is:, and for me it is heartening that he wanted to share it with me (and you). I’m not sure who is a role model for who but I think there’s a bit of mutual admiration here.

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