Welcome Home….

I feel a bit neglectful over the last couple of weeks.  Not only have I let the training be taken over by holiday but I’ve also neglected this blog.  To those who have been following to date I can only apologise and hope you are still there.  But hey, I’m back.

I’m currently sat in my favourite armchair watching my equivalent of the football season.  Its Tour de France season and I have my hour of pleasure each night watching the highlights.  And usually it gives me some inspiration.  But so far this year I’ve been disappointed by the petulance of the peloton, particularly on yesterday’s stage 2 where wet weather and oil on the road led to so called carnage.  But this was really brought home to me today.

Today I finally fulfilled my long term promise – to commute to work on the bike.  You may remember my post about train problems last month. One of the helpful responses I received on Facebook from a certain pro team mechanic was that I should get on my bike. So today was the day a 31 mile round trip and thanks to my new virtual cycling buddy all logged on RunKeeper.  And not the lanes of Staffordshire and Shropshire today but the potholed roads and petulant drivers of the Black Country.  And this put the Tour Peloton’s petulance yesterday in perspective: they talk about dnagerous routes yet most of us have to deal with poor road conditions, parked cars, bad drivers, buses pulling out (the list could go on) every time we go out. Closed roads are a luxury few of us have.  Today’s rides were no exceptions and Travel West Midlands suffered my wrath for reasons other than late running buses.

But equally it was good to get out and fit the training around the must do tasks – one colleague even thought I wasn’t mad and that I was demonstrating men can multi-task.  I can’t say it was a pleasant ride and it hurt like hell. I couldn’t get the right cadence and each pimple of a hill seemed like my own Alps.  But I did it, and I’ve now vowed to do this every Tuesday for the rest of the summer.

So I’m home – home from holiday and feeling the benefits in some ways but the costs in terms of fitness, but also home for the night after contemplating each rise in the road with fear.  Here’s to getting back on track.

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