Desperately seeking roadmen

This is not meant to sound like a lonely hearts ad (I am very happily married to Mrs AB before anyone asks or reads anything into this!), more a lonely cyclist ad.  Following up my post, Riding with the Breaks On, I got some encouraging comments about joining a cycling club.  Needless to say, I’ve not done anything yet though still have great intentions to do so.  However, I’ve decided to take a 2 pronged attack.  Therefore here is my plea:

30-something male cyclist seeks other cyclists for long bike rides from Wolverhampton to help with riding further and (maybe) faster.  Must not be too fast but shouldn’t be too slow. GSOH and interesting converstation a definite prerequisite.  Must be in the Wolverhampton area as I want the travel to be the ride.

If you fit this description then get in touch.  If you know of someone else who might be interested then pass it on and tell them to get in touch.  I thank you all in advance for your help, support and (hopefully) responses.


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