Riding with the brakes on

One of the things that I’ve been mulling over for a while now is whether to join the local cycling club.  Its not a strange thing to ponder when you like cycling but unlike football its not a prerequisite to join a club in order to cycle.  This is where my inate inbuilt inertia kicks in.  What prompted me to post this was a blog post I saw yesterday on road.cc from an aspirant sportiver like me. I could see his points – it is easier to ride in a group and it can take the stress out of knowing where you are going.  I know all of this. I used to be a member of the Stafford Road Club in the 1990s when I first become hooked on cycling.  But there is something stopping me.  Its a something that stops me doing a lot of things. I make excuses that it won’t suit me. I think of the difficulty of talking to new people. I create barriers instead of seeing the opportunities.  Its something I’ve got used to and so is always the easy way out.  So here’s the rub with the cycling club: I need to get out, I need the added motivation of an arrange ride but I keep thinking that everyone else will be better than me, that I’ll not keep up and that I won’t get on with the other riders.  Silly? Now I write it down it does seem so.  So my simple question is, do any of you feel the same way and if so, how did you overcome it? (If you didn’t maybe we can have a pact to overcome our inertias together?)


2 thoughts on “Riding with the brakes on

  1. If you try it, there are two potential outcomes: you could be right or you could be wrong. If you are right, then all you need to do is not attend another event hosted by the club. You will have lost an afternoon, but you will have confirmed your suspicions. If you are wrong, then you will have a pleasant surprise and perhaps open a new chapter in your cycling hobby. Good luck!

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