The Great Beyond

I found relaxation here

I found relaxation here

This weekend came and went but not without revelation – I can relax.  And what’s more the feeling is great.  Despite a somewhat hectic Sunday catch up on the allotment (which will, I hope, soon take on the look of a pottager’s garden with all the plants now in) Mrs AB and I headed over to the Wyre Forest for our friend Liz’s belated 40th birthday party.  We stayed at the farm pictured in a spot which couldn’t be further from civilisation whilst being so near.  It was idyllic.  There’s not much more I can or need to say – the weather was fantastic, the company was fun and the food comforting (who can deny that fish and chips one night folloed by a barbeque the next is comforting and fun?).  All in all I got to the end of Monday and had a feeling I hadn’t felt for some time of sheer relaxation and a real desire to skive from work for another day.  Unfortunately Mrs AB needed to be back more than I and so we headed on the short trip home.  So I can do it, I just need to do it some more.

And for the cycling followers – cycling to restart this weekend. I’m looking forward to it again.


2 thoughts on “The Great Beyond

  1. It does look idyllic. Learning to enjoy the moment and not dwell on the past or fret about the future is an art most of us need to spend more time acquiring. Looks like you’re taking your first steps – Hooray!

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Would love to see some pictures of the allotment. Dave and I have made our first foray into growing things after 9 years in the house! The lettuce and pak choi (random choice of Dave’s) are coming on great as long as the slugs leave them alone!

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