My Del Amitri moment

I was hoping for something a bit more Shed Seven but instead I ended up with Justin Currie’s lament to misfortune as the earworm for tonight’s trip around the lanes.  Credit where credit is due, as my counsellor has instilled in me that I do, I managed to get out on the bike this evening, which is a marked improvement in last week’s sorry excuses.  Yet in the time from getting home from work, having a quick snack, passing the time of day with Mrs AB (who is ecited about the Robin chicks in the shed) and change into my kit, the sky turned from overcast but bright to looming and grey.  Not to be defeated by acts of God I took the plunge (probably the wrong expression given what comes soon) and cycled off.  By Pattingham the view wasn’t promising and neither the Wrekin nor Brown Clee were visible in the distance.  Fearing the worst I took a change of route an edged along the incoming doom, hence the wish for the clouds to go and rain on some other sucker’s parade (or “training” ride).  My tactic paid off until a mile and a half from home – the heaven’s opened and I was soaked to the skin in less than a few pedal strokes.

But looking on the bright side, I got 16 miles under my belt and the rain is great for the allotment meaning I haven’t had to take the daily trip down there and the relay of trips to the stand pipe to fill copious water cans.  Every cloud as they say.  Next time I’ll be just like a man. (That’s it with the Del Amitri I promise.)

4 thoughts on “My Del Amitri moment

  1. Your blogs are great! I really enjoy reading them!
    I wish I could get out on my bike at the moment but can’t with the exams. Want to go out on Friday but i’m like you, it has to be the right weather!

    I just hope that you don’t get loads of weeds at the Allotment because of the rain!

  2. Apparently, there’s no such thing as bad weather – just the wrong gear (but I don’t believe it…).

    Good to see you’re getting out still; am building up for the full on 16-mile cycle commute to work – just doing 7 miles there and 7 back at the mo – so will let you know how I get on (and if I make it back after the full day’s work in between!).

    PS and say hi to Mrs AB for me ;0)

  3. loving the blog – can’t believe you allowed Del Amitri to intrude on a ride though – got to be some ‘banging’ trance or fast-paced indie for me to keep the legs pumping …

    Having reclaimed my own (or in fact my brother’s) abandoned velocipede this spring I can sympathise with many of the expressed feelings! Got my own bike proper due to arrive soon through the wonderful Cycle2Work scheme – saving me about 40% off RRP.

    Just the 6-mile (12-mile round trip) commute to work generally (usually 3-4 times/week) although trying to steel myself to go out for some slightly longer sessions at evenings/weekends. House is at the top of the cliffs in Penarth so that final steep climb up from the barrage usually finishes me off on the way home. Will keep practising, aiming to be up to 25-30 mile trips by the end of the summer if I can manage it … any tips on increasing stamina?!

    Wish I had an allotment.

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