Dedication’s all you need

I remember watching Record Breakers as a kid and Roy Castle told us every week that if we want to be a record breaker, dedication is all you need. So here I am, signed up to a 100 mile ride, needing to get out on the bike more often and finding a huge amount of inertia which is somehow getting in the way.  I had earmarked today (or rather this evening as Wednesday is the last day of my paid working week) to get out for at least an hour on the bike.  As I left the house Mrs AB commented on how warm it was, as we got the bus and the train the sun poured in and walking across the University campus it felt like summer had arrived. 

Yet here I am, trying to both find excuses not to go out and/or feeling an overwhelming feeling of lethargy.  I keep asking myself if it’s just me? Have I taken on too much? What would Bradley Wiggins be doing in my situation? 

I know that once I’m out there the feeling is great.  Just how do I overcome that initial hurdle and gain some realistic dedication? Any advice from anyone?


2 thoughts on “Dedication’s all you need

  1. Rob, yep I sure know what you mean re the effort to get kitted up and get out for a ride. It’s strange because I find the less cycling I do the knackered I seem to get?

    Mybe you need a few events to aim for before Sept?

    You could try a local club TT? Beacon Rcc?

    I know a man that rides for them?!:-)

  2. I set myself a challenge last year ( and I have to admit self-motivation was tough at times.
    But I found a lot of inspiration from Twitter and Facebook and I quickly got into a routine where I could juggle everything I needed to juggle and do some proper training.
    It did develop into an important part of my week. I found the feeling of space and escape (?) I got from getting out and training helped put other stuff into perspective and I felt an awful lot better for doing it. I was probably the fittest I’ve been since my late teens too!
    I’ve not got a specific challenge to do this year, but I am aiming to get back into a regular biking routine.
    The best advice I have is to keep blogging about all this. As I found last year, it really helps and tends to generate some very useful advice and words of encouragement – apart from this comment, obviously!

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