Too much too soon – a lesson

Yesterday was an experience familair to many a cyclist – I planned to go out, get the miles in even though the weather forecast didn’t look great and lay down some more foundations towards September.  The first few pedal turns were hard enough but usually something I overcome after a few miles.  But this ride was one of those rides. The pedal turning was diffficult throughout.  The supposed head wind seemed to be in my face all the way around a neat 28 mile loop of south Staffordshire and the hills seemed steeper than normal.  All in all, what I kept telling myself waws an easy ride for most turned into my own version of today’s stage of the Giro d’Italia (okay, there’s no dirt roads but this winter has left a fair few pot holes).

One of the problems I usual face is my over eagerness to ride fast.  As soon as I have hit Wolverhampton’s city boundary I am either spent or flying – and if its the latter I’m usualy spent not long after.  I need to hold back. I keep recognising this but keep making the same mistake.  Again, its not unique to my cycling but something I keep doing time and time again. Of course I end up living with the consequences which are usually some degree of burn out.

So the message of today’s blog? Nothing complicated. Just to take one step at a time and not to rush. I’ll get there in the end and be stronger for it.  Looking back on yesterday it was good even with the rain.


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